Thursday, November 18, 2010

Persevering through Trials

So many days I have thought about this blog and how I was ever going to get back to my study on I Peter.
I have been busy these last 7 months working on a Masters degree in Teaching and Learning. I have been studying, studying and studying some more. I must admit that I am feeling tired and worn out today. My son is a Junior in high school and the life of a soccer mom never seems to quit. My mind is tired and my body is weary. I am currently sitting in a hotel room at a soccer tournament in NC. I have homework to do and all I really feel like doing is sleeping.

This year we have struggled still with our oldest child who is doing much better now but is still trying to figure out what to do with her life. She discovered she was expecting a baby 10 weeks ago and then today discovered at the doctor's office that she had lost the baby. I am convinced that no matter how one looks at the situation (Young, single, unwed mom) that the grief over the loss of a baby is never easy. I know that God has a perfect plan for her life but I wonder at times why she has to struggle so much so soon.

My heart breaks for her since I know personally what it is like to lose a baby. I pray that God will wrap his arms around her tonight and assure her of his peace that never fails. I pray she will not give up on her dreams and hopes and that she will continue to trust God and his plan for her life.
Perhaps this is why we have to persevere through trials because God is making us stronger for something ahead that we know not now.

I do hope some day to finish my study of I Peter but for now. I must live life with perserverance.