Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning through faithfulness

Today is March 21, 2011 and my first post for the new year. I am still working on my masters degree and it seems to just consume my every waking moment. The Lord has just brought me through a very difficult class and I praise the Lord for the love of my husband, his help and support mean everything to me.

This new year has begun with lots of ministry opportunities as well. We spent some wonderful time together as a Church planting strategy team for Virginia in the Outer Banks in January. We came away feeling refreshed and excited about what God would have in store for us in the coming year. The time spent with strategy wives talking about the seasons of life that God has us in and the seasons he has brought us through was such a neat time. We worked through the Carol Kent study called "Secret Longings of the Heart: Overcoming Deep Disappointment and Unfulfilled Expectations" This was a wonderful study and I would recommend her to any pastors wife who is leading a ladies Bible study. The books are inexpensive and the guides in the back are great for leading a study together. We had a great time sharing together.

In early March we had a Staff Wives Affecting tomorrow retreat and we were able to provide a get together for Church planter wives. We had a wonderful planter wife come and share with us. Her name is Tammie Floyd. We had a great time sharing together the challenges and joys of church planting. It seems the ladies were hungry for this type of ministry.

My son just completed his last out of town tournaments and we are still praying for Gods direction for him as he seeks God's will about where to go to school. My daughter has had a wonderful semester so far with school and I am so thankful for how God is taking care of her and is bringing her life around for good purposes.

I am currently in a meeting for Large Church pastors and their wives and I was impressed in my spirit to write about the importance of prayer in the lives of these men.
Many of them spoke to the goodness of God and his work in their churches and I was reminded how prayer has had such an impact in their ministries and why I know God has blessed.
A godly minister of mine in Mississippi once said that the power of the church is compared to the amount of time spent on their knees. (Something like that). It has been a good reminder for me to be sure in the hustle and bustle of my life that I spend time on my knees. I must also remember to keep my walk with Christ consistent and full of the Spirit so I can be a blessing to others.
I am about to begin another very busy time of study but I wanted to send this blog update as a reminder to keep Christ first, pray often and be a blessing.

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